Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Dawning

The Dawning
By: Jonathan G.

The rooster unfurls and crows at daybreak,
Baton tap for the morning overture.
Percussive koi pop hungry in the wake
Of a flippant, fledgling wren’s loosed feather.
Honey bees work in a buzzing ballet,
Tulip toe-points and primrose pirouettes;
While butterflies resplendent flit and sway,
Tears from a rainbow pure and delicate.
Yard dogs curled, shivering in shadows wait
Patiently for the warmth of dawn to break
Over the Blue Ridge Mountains’ stolid gate -
Aurora’s kiss to soothe the midnight shake.
A sunrise symphony’s timed crescendo;
A lover’s tender heartbeat, soft and slow.

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