Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bradford Pears in Early Spring

Bradford Pears in Early Spring
By: Jonathan Garren

When Bradford Pear blooms fall in early spring,
Snow petals twisting in the four winds’ bellows,
A chorus of songbirds minutely sing
Of once vacant nests filled with newborn sparrows.
The scent of wild onions weaves through the air,
Mixed with the redolence of yellow bells
Wreathed like a braid through your curled, chestnut hair.
And in your smile my discontent dispels
Winter’s final fatal freeze, covering
The last limbs of unwilling buds beneath
A crystalline dew of tears left smothered
By a Bradford Pear’s seasonal bequeath.
Still, every season’s change brings brighter skies;
Snow petals lost in cerulean eyes.

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