Saturday, July 11, 2015


By: Jonathan Garren

Where is our Eden?
Not this tapestry of Nature clothed,
The barren resplendence masked 
Beneath budded beguile and
Perfumed blush, the sibilant
Tongue of a wind divine
Bearing the fruit of Spring’s resurrection.

Where is our Eden?
A symphony of sanctity led
By the Anemoi’s song,
Lone bellows, murderous brothers all.
The other canceling the other,
Canceling the other to non.

Where is our Eden?
Woven amongst the reeds of Cocytus,
Rueful for the sins of our bearers -
Oh amenable father, hapless mother
Where is our Eden?
If not plowed fallow by your dreams,
Thirsty for the tears of our reclamation.

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